Xls formula not updating

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Xls formula not updating

The Excel file format (both and .xlsx) stores a "cached" result for every formula along with the formula itself.

This means that when the file is opened, it can be quickly displayed, without needing to spend a long time calculating all of the formula results.

Multiple IF condition with text in CALC Referencing a Cell in other Document using Relative Path How do I get libreoffice to extrapolate a pattern with an increasing # of terms down a column?It also means that when reading a file through Apache POI, the result is quickly available to you too!After making changes with Apache POI to either Formula Cells themselves, or those that they depend on, you should normally perform a Formula Evaluation to have these "cached" results updated.Cell Value is a simple value object and does not maintain reference to the original cell. The value for the formula is saved alongside it, to be displayed in excel.evaluate Formula Cell(Cell cell) will check to see if the supplied cell is a formula cell. The formula remains in the cell, just with a new value The return of the function is the type of the formula result, such as Cell.

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