Who is taye diggs dating

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Who is taye diggs dating

Saying he was “black” — no matter the half-truth — made it easier for Americans of all colors to contend with his historic candidacy.And with (sadly) none of his white family at his side to muddle the message, Obama’s “all-black” narrative was easy to maintain.Two generations later, Diggs seeks to spare his son from a similarly small-minded fate.

Of course all of this data was just that — numbers and graphs and charts.Actor and singer Taye Diggs might be black, but he wants folks to understand that his son, Walker, isn’t — at least not entirely.That’s the message he’s been shopping around as part of a tour to promote his new children’s book, “Mixed Me.” The tome is both inspired by and intended for kids like 6-year-old Walker, whose mother — Diggs’ former wife, Idina Menzel — is Caucasian.For while America’s “one-drop” rule may have been established by white segregationists, it’s often been embraced by blacks themselves.Stung by racism and seeking political potency (and safety) in numbers, blacks want to keep as many folks in their fold as possible — all black, half-black or whatever.

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To them, it’s not so much about who is Caucasian, but rather making it clear who isn’t.