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The dating guy cherry sundae

If she moved too quickly she knew she would expose her bare breast. Here she placed a package of clothes pins in the cart along with four 12" taper candles and two large chip bag clamps. The freezing milkshake caused her nipples to harden to the point of being painful."Put some on your pussy too." The teachers fingers dipped into the frosty and she smeared it all over her pussy. C." Her breath began to come in short gasps as the cold frosty stimulated her hot pussy. This went on for fifteen minutes while Lisa calmly ate her dinner and the teacher played with herself and became hotter and hotter much to her dismay. " "No" "Before you were married how many men fucked you Mrs. " Standing naked with a shaved pussy now very wet, Mary mentally counted her sex partners. She opened the tube of lubricant and applied it gingerly to the plug.

I'm sorry." "Do you want it to be two more buttons? " answered Mary as she opened the third button on her blouse. "One more stop" said Lisa as she moved off to the housewares section. Mary rode in silence as Lisa drove toward her house. She began to panic as Lisa pulled into Wendy's drive through line. Mary wanted to please the teen because she had demonstrated her progressive discipline plan. Please don't ask me these questions." "Have you every cheated on your husband? She looked at the plug in her hand and thought, 'This will never fit inside me'.

Lisa pinched harder on her swollen nipples until Mrs. Owned Teacher CHAPTER 2 When Lisa got to the door she turned and told Mary, "Follow two steps behind and act normal." How could she act normal. "Higher." Mary slide her skirt higher so that it barely covered her very moist pussy. Parking in front of the garage Lisa said, " Bring in the stuff and meet me in the bathroom Mrs. Lisa had warned her not to get any chocolate on her clothes so she couldn't cover herself. Looking around Mary knew she could make it to the porch without being seen unless someone happened to be driving down the road. How she wished she had never posed for those pictures. She stood and the feeling of the plug in her was very very uncomfortable.

She felt some excitement at this treatment but she could never admit it. She had never been out of her house without panties and the air moving over her damp pussy made her feel very naked. Bring your paddle home with you." Mary had never used the paddle but she kept one. The two moved to the door to begin their adventure. "We have to make one stop at Walmart on the way home" Mary heart sank as she prayed Lisa would not make her go into the store with her breasts free and pussy bare. The back yard was surrounded by a high wooden fence and there was little traffic on the road. Owned Teacher CHAPTER 3 Lisa got out of the car and went into the teacher's house leaving the humiliated teacher in the car with her blouse open and skirt around her waist covered in sticky dried chocolate frosty. "Now give me the tour." The humiliated teacher turned and began crawling though the bedroom door on the end of a leash held by one of her students. Suddenly the widest part slipped past the tight ring and the plug was locked into place.

With the buttons open as Lisa had ordered she was showing more cleavage than she felt was acceptable. As a cool breeze caresses her totally exposed private parts she was become more and more frantic as she pounded on the door. Simon let me in." Lisa stood behind the locked door watching the frantic teacher pound on the door and beg to be allowed into her own house. C." ordered Lisa now that she was in total control. When she finished Lisa ordered her into the finished area. It just kept getting worse and worse as she followed the orders of her student who had under her control. She washed her hands and fixed her make-up as best she could since she had not been permitted to bring her purse with her and walked back to the table carrying the tube of lubricant.

Her nipples were rubbing on her blouse with every step, her pussy was bare under her skirt and much to her dismay, becoming more moist by the minute. Lisa opened the door and lead the defeated teacher through the halls of the school into the parking lot. C.'s car was parked in the middle of the now almost empty lot. Lisa climbed behind the wheel and Mary got into the passenger side. She quickly opened the car door and with her bare ass showing and her blouse flapping she ran to the front door. Mary began ringing the door bell and pounding on the door. Simon" answered the collared teacher moving toward the door. "Lets start in the basement and work our way back to here Mrs. Lisa left her kneeling there while she examined the area for possible use later. Simon." Mary was very embarrassed discussing her husband and their sex lives with a student. She straightened her skirt ,what little there was of it, and opened the stall door.

Mary did as ordered and followed Lisa through the store to the pet department. Try this one on," said Lisa handing Mary a white dog collar with rhinestones on it. Mary was getting more and more nervous as she looked over the contents of the cart. And of course you know what happens if you totally refuse to obey." Lisa drove out of the parking lot as Mary slide her skirt up higher so that her pussy was exposed. She felt like a child being punished for being bad. Be careful not to get any on your beautiful blouse." The humiliated teacher sat in the Wendy's parking lot, Blouse open and breasts bared with her senior English student and rubbed the ice cold chocolate frosty all over her breasts. Several hundred dollars poorer and about to shove an enormous plug into her virgin ass hole. Owned Teacher CHAPTER 8 The sobbing teacher was startled back to reality by the sound of voices as two ladies entered the restroom.

Then to the grocery section where Lisa placed three cucumbers, a bag of carrots, a container of chili powder and a box of popsicle into the cart. You must understand you will lose something every time you fail to please me. When they got to the window to pay Lisa reached her hand to Mrs. "While I eat my dinner I want you to entertain me by coating your breasts with this chocolate frosty. Here she was a respected teacher sitting in a restroom dressed like a whore.

Looking up she saw Lisa Simon, one of her senior honor's English students. At eighteen she had a well developed body and a rather arrogant attitude. Mary's heart stopped as she immediately recognized the magazine. She had always hoped that no one would discover her old secret. As soon as the door was closed and locked Mary turned and seeing Lisa in her chair moved to a desk in the first row of student seats. She had ordered it from a catalog about two years ago and kept in safely hidden in the drawer. FLASH Her body has a mind of its own now as her hands work over her breasts and slide the vibrator deep into her dripping hole. Her pussy feels so different being shaved and the sensations caused by the vibrator seemed more intense than ever. You have already earned some punishment by forgetting to show proper respect earlier. while I eat.," said Lisa as she sat down at the table. She placed the "toys" on the bed with the 6" heels as Lisa had requested. She dropped her skirt to the floor and was just bending to pick it up when Lisa walked in. "Ahhhhhhhhh" screamed Mary as pain shot through her abused nipple. " I can't wait until we can get this one in you," said Lisa picking up the largest of the three butt plugs. C." Mary turned and spread her legs before for student. How could she be excited by this treatment yet her pussy was soaked. Mary extended her tongue and licked her our juices from her student's fingers. Lisa then placed the ankle and wrist cuffs on her teacher And ordered her to change into the 6" heels. I want you to squat and place the tip of your vibrator into that dripping hole. I'm going to give you an assignment to be completed immediately. You are not permitted to orgasm without my permission. If I don't think you are fucking your self well enough or giving a respectable blow job you will be punished.

Mary Clark sat at her desk checking the senior English compositions her class had turned in today. She left everything on the bed and headed to the bathroom. Mary blushed as her hands moved to her breasts and massaged more soap into her soft skin. She worked her fingers into her pussy to be sure she got everything out. C." FLASH Lisa pulled her chair between her teacher wide spread legs. When all the hair was gone Lisa took a warm washcloth and cleaned away the remaining shaving cream. The garter belts, stockings, socks and girdle were replaced in the drawer. And don't be all day." Mary quickly cleaned up and getting a tape, pencil and paper from the drawer went into the living room. Slowly she opened the car door and as gracefully as possible she walked into the store.

The entire story is archived at ASSM (Not sure this link still works) Owned Teacher CHAPTER 1 Mrs. Hurry." Mary quickly climbed the stair to her bedroom. be sure to get all the mess out of your pussy" Mary's hands slid down and soaped her pubic area. C." said Lisa as she covered her luscious pubs with shaving cream. Mary had never been touched there by another woman and the touch was so much different than her husband's groping. Mary felt her nipple stiffen and a very warm feeling flowed through her body as Lisa slowly and carefully slid the razor through her womanly hair. Lisa was touching and pulling her teachers pussy as she shaved it entirely bare. "I expect you to keep it looking like this all the time. One girdle, which was a size smaller than the others, was kept while the others were thrown on the pile. But she also knew it would only be worst to refused.

Please don't leave." screamed the panicked teacher. Slowly she began unbuttoning her blouse from the neck down. "Take it off" demanded Lisa as she moved back to the desk. She stood before her student with her blouse off wondering how far this would go. C." Mary reached behind her back and opened the clasp on her bra. "In the garbage." The once demanding senior English teacher now stood naked in her classroom before her 18 year old student. As she fumbled with the latch on the gate with her arms filled with packages she heard the sound of an approaching vehicle. " asked Lisa as she saw the moisture in her teacher's spread pussy. After about ten minutes of cutting and clipping Lisa ordered Mary to look in the mirror. She looked ten years younger and with the shaved pussy very hot. Mary picked up the keys and crawled out of the safety of her garage into her driveway and up into her car. She checked her draws, closet and her shoe rack while the uncomfortable teacher knelt quietly by the door. C.' I want to look through your clothes too." Owned Teacher CHAPTER 4 As they entered bedroom Lisa ordered the collared teacher to kneel in the center of the room. "I got this for you because you complained about the salad Mrs. She stood by the door and waited for permission to get into the car.

She stepped out of it and placed in on the desk next to her blouse. Get those ugly panties and pantyhose off this instant." Stung by the harsh words of her student Mary removed her panties and pantyhose. Quickly gathering the packages and her paddle from school Mary ran to the back gate. Mary couldn't see what was happening but a lot of hair was coming off. Lisa tossed the car keys to Mary and ordered, "Crawl out and drive the car into the garage. Lisa spent quite a bit of time looking through Amy's room. The horrified teacher picked up a bread stick and carefully reached under the table to push it into her pussy which was to her further embarrassment very wet, as it always seemed to be anymore. Lisa ordered each of them each a chocolate sundae for dessert. Several people noticed and she could see their stares as she ate the sundae with her fingers. When she waddled out to the car with the plug tightly in her ass she found Lisa looking through the bags from the adult store.

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