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The rationalists believed it worked by making logical deductions from intuitively-known first principles.

Regardless of this difference, both camps agreed on the broad points stated above: humans were rational beings with free will capable of progress and advancing their condition.

To some extent these schemas will have been created by each individual mind.

To a large extent, however, they will have been supplied by the society of minds of which that individual mind is a member.

According to our common sense, we think that ideology is something blurring, confusing our straight view.

Ideology should be glasses, which distort our view, and the critique of ideology should be the opposite, like you take off the glasses so that you can finally see the way things really are.

Moreover, few ideologies can be fully explained by their adherents: typically they are reflected in vague feelings and opinions of what 'human nature' or 'the natural order of things' is.

Every ideology has (had) proponents who have proclaimed it as being non-ideological or post-ideological, and few have explicitly pushed their ideologies by calling them that: 'Ideology' itself is almost always used as a slur against one's ideological enemies, not one's own ideology.

In other places "liberalism" has quasi-fused with "conservatism" and runs against an ideology named after some founding figure ("Guy X-ism") - this is particularly common in Latin America, which loves to name political styles and ideologies after people, both living and dead both connected and unrelated to said ideology. A political ideology is usually the product of a series of beliefs about how human beings are, how they acquire knowledge, how they be governed (if at all).

Arguably, they were following on in the wake of David Hume (arguably, they were going much further than he did).

On the Continental side, Rationalism had been pushed to extremes that argued reason has a nature which shapes its user.

When we browse this page, we inevitably come across at least one ideology that doesn't sound like an ideology at all.

To us, it doesn't sound like a belief system: it sounds like common sense, like the way things 'should be', like the way that everyone should think about the world and act. The ideologies that we accept are barely noticeable or totally invisible to us because their precepts and our personal beliefs are largely or wholly identical, so there are few or no noticeable differences.

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[...] The mind does not record the world, but rather creates it according to its own mix of cultural and individual expectations.