Nicki and nas dating

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Nicki and nas dating

Minaj only gave people more to talk about during an appearance on Ellen when she told the talk show host that they have "sleepovers" despite her decision to be celibate. They won't confirm, but they certainly look happy together during the birthday festivities.

The “No Frauds” rapper, 34, hinted at a potential new romance by posting a picture from her recent dinner date with the “If I Ruled the World” MC, 43, at the Los Angeles restaurant Sweet Chick.

After rumors of a budding relationship between Nicki Minaj and Nas were appearing in headlines months ago, it seems as if the two have really taken the time out to get to know each other.

Just days ago, the rappers were seen partying at Nas’ private 44th birthday party at The Pool Lounge in New York City.

And he's kinda cute too." De Generes continued to press the issue, asking the realest question that everyone wanted to know the answer to: "Have you had sleepovers yet?

" Nicki surprisingly responded with an affirmative. I just thought him coming to me was too forward." However, arguably the most popular woman in rap didn't want people's minds to run wild after this admission.

When Minaj stopped by last May, she confronted the rumors regarding a possible budding relationship with Nasty Nas. The real confession (sort of) from Minaj came a little over a week later, when Ellen De Generes asked her about the rumored relationship directly."He's so dope [...] he's such a king," Minaj said of her supposed boyfriend. He's the king of Queens, and I'd like to think I'm the queen of Queens.He's a rap legend, and I have a lot of respect for that.Nicki didn't exactly friendzone Nas in the caption for the picture either, stating that, "only KINGS recognize QUEENS." At the time, it was also pointed out that the two were wearing the same pendants on their chains, which was taken as another sign of their dating progress.That one photo actually caused a big enough stir that Nas' baby mama was asked how she felt about the whole situation."I didn't think my baby father still dated women," said Carmen Bryan, who used to date Nas and is the mother to their child Destiny.

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After they were spotted together at his birthday party last night (September 13th), the Nicki Minaj and Nas dating rumors were kicked up another notch.