Demi lovato is dating trace cyrus

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Demi lovato is dating trace cyrus

Demi Lovato has just released her sixth album, Tell Me You Love Me, and has been dominating the world with chart topping singles since her Disney star days.

Her latest single is already number one in 40 countries with her fan base stretching over 145 million on social media.

Posing for a makeup-free selfie, Demi thanked her team, including World Champions in the sport, who she trains with several times a week. Alongside Muay Thai, boxing, MMA fighting, functional training and her own fitness fashion line with Kate Hudson's activewear brand Fabletics, the pop singer took up BJJ over a year ago.

She received her belt two days after singing the national anthem at the Mayweather vs Mc Gregor fight in August.

It's important to take care of yourself physically but also mentally as well,' she told SELF Magazine.

What Demi loves about jiu-jitsu and MMA is that it never gets boring.

Part of the martial arts family, Brazilian jiu-jitsu teaches a smaller person how to defend themselves against a larger person using a set of techniques based on grappling and joint locks and is an adaptation of traditional Japanese Jujutsu.Tarsis is a black belt three times World Champion in BJJ, smashing titles since his career started 21 years ago.He talks exclusively about why women like Demi are falling in love with the sport.We always have answers depending on how the other person is going to react.I try and give as much information as possible so there is more than one option to take.

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She knows how to play on bottom, on top, take down, defend and attack.

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