Dating outside your race statistics

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Dating outside your race statistics

As shown in the map above, intermarriage occurs least in the places where the fewest minorities live.

Conversely Asian brides (36%) were much more likely to have walked down the aisle toward a partner of a different race than Asian grooms (21%) were to be waiting for one.

Gurung & Duong (1999) compiled a study relating to mixed-ethnic relationships ("MER"s) and same-ethnic relationships ("SER"s), concluding that individuals part of "MER"s generally do not view themselves differently from same-ethnic couples.

In Social Trends in America and Strategic Approaches to the Negro Problem (1948), Swedish economist Gunnar Myrdal ranked the social areas where restrictions were imposed on the freedom of Black Americans by Southern White Americans through racial segregation, from the least to the most important: basic public facility access, social equality, jobs, courts and police, politics and marriage.

While the intermarriage numbers represent a considerable change, they are dwarfed by the adjustment in attitudes towards it. “In just seven years, the share of adults saying that the growing number of people marrying someone of a different race is good for society has risen 15 points, to 39%,” says Pew, which commissioned a new survey in February to accompany the report. But most people of any race said they didn’t think it made any difference.

In 1990, almost two thirds of Americans who weren’t black said they would be opposed to a close friend or relative marrying someone who was. Livingston says she would love to get her hands on some of that attitudinal data broken out by gender so she could begin to tease out the gender imbalance among different races.

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In yet another sign that marriage is a very different institution among the wealthy and the less well off, education changes how likely it is that newlyweds are intermarried.

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