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Cheats ganguro girl dating sim

The game began solely based upon the story and the characters in the manga and anime series DNA².

This is the first I post a game, so I dont know how to put it where I want it to be, so sorry if the place its in has nothing to do about where it is. Sim Man, as the creator of Sim Girls is respectfully known, began working on the project in 2001 as a hobby.After the creation of version 2.8, Sim Man focussed on his own life and abandoned the project for 2 years.n May 2005, Sim Man created,the first official website of Sim Girls with the release of version 3.5. In fact, you could sum up what's new in an article about as short as this one. As the new name suggests, it’s just a refinement of last year’s Mac OS Sierra.

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Sim Girls was the first known web-based dating sim, and it quickly grabbed the attentions from millions of players around the World.

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