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We expected travel insurers to use this ruling as a guide to the ombudsman's general approach to resolving these kinds of complaints.

However, in June 2011 Europ Assistance launched a legal challenge ("judicial review") against us on this ruling - which resulted in 300 consumers' complaints being put on hold until the legal action was settled.

This section of our website sets out the main complaints we see about travel insurance and what our approach is in these situations.

There are many reasons for cancelling a holiday or trip before it starts.

We take account of more stringent requirements usually imposed on anything defined as "valuables", so long as these restrictions have been highlighted.The exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions may be more onerous when the person who is ill is the policyholder, but a family member or someone who was going to travel with the policyholder.Most of us don't have full details of other people's medical history.In January 2012 the Court rejected Europ Assistance's legal challenge.Europ Assistance confirmed that they would not pursue their legal action and that they would now handle complaints in line with the ombudsman's decision.

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Travel insurance can cover worldwide travel - or be limited to travel within the UK or another geographic area (for example, Europe).

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