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Camilla Belle is one of those stars who try to keep their relationships in private, thus usually there are only rumors of her dating somebody.

One of Camilla Belle boyfriends was rumored to be Fernando Verdasco.

Then he moved on to Caroline Wozniacki, and now supposedly tapping Camilla Belle which is interesting because, opportunist that she is, rumour has it she made a play a while back for Rafael Nadal who wasn’t having any of it at all.In fact Camilla's name was given to her by her mother to honor a star of But Camilla is both beautiful on the outside and on the inside and is involved in various charities as well as being an international ambassador for the organization "Kids With A Cause", a charity which provides assistance to needy children.Not that it would have been a real break up because it wasn’t a real relationship but still…For all intents and purposes it was sold as a legitimate love, so will we be hearing about it on the Jonas Brothers next album? Because Joe Jonas is part of the web generation – nothing happens if it doesn’t happen on Facebook/Twitter. However, after they separated, Camilla Belle and Camilla Belle boyfriend Joe Jonas decided to remain good friends.In 2006 Camilla Belle boyfriend was stated to be Tom Sturridge.

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