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Blissdating com

Happiness may come off as some poorly understood phenomenon, but I assure you it is easier to decipher than you might think. It sends the message that if our lovers are not doing a good job for us sexually, we have two choices: dump the person at the next anticlimactic sexual encounter or get someone on the side to wow our socks off.

To understand the inner workings of happiness, simply do away with the notion that happiness is synonymous with human achievements, reassign it to the realm of politics . We have become a sex-worshipping culture, so much so that infidelity is listed as the number one cause of divorce.

Tun’s relentless effort and ingenuity gave rise to the creation of the Langkawi Development Authority, known as LADA.

It was a simple but a far-sighted move from the legendary leader who foresaw an opportunity in a once-upon-a-time remote cluster of islands in the North-Western area of Malaysia.

And I'm not saying they can't overcome them, but this particular love match isn't going to be easy, and there could be some serious drama as a result.Another reference states that the name is a combination of two Sanskrit words, “Langka” (beauty) and “Wi” (innumerable), which means ‘The Place of Immense Beauty’.True enough, this island was also once known as the ‘Land of Bliss’ dating back 2,000 years ago. Mahathir Mohamad, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, who is also recognised as the Architect of Modern Langkawi, initiated the move to transform the island into a celebrated beachside and recreational hub.The Gemini woman and Scorpio man love match might not be the cleverest idea anyone ever came up with.In order for this relationship to be successful, these two will need some complementary aspects in their birth charts.

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He wants to be with his woman most of the time, and after the initial honeymoon bliss dating period wears off, Gemini woman will want to be a social butterfly again and this will not sit well with her Scorpio man. He enjoys being in love, and he wants to be near his woman often.